The Daugavpils Innovation Centre stands out for its content-rich exhibits. For those visitors who are attracted by exploration and learning new things, a few hours here will certainly not be enough. As one of the most challenging exhibits at the center, we would like to show you an exhibit called Robot. It is the only […]

The Lost Jelgava

The exhibit shows how Jelgava has changed over time, including the buildings and layout of the city, which is no longer evident today. History is presented through the prism of major infrastructure, traffic improvements and discoveries. The exhibit consists of several parts – a central map table, 4 touch screens and a two-dimensional projection. The […]

House restoration and rebuilding

The exhibit tells the story of the restoration of the Old Town House 14. This story is presented in an interactive way, allowing visitors to view the restoration journey from different angles and to change its scale in a three-dimensional format. The visitor has the opportunity to see the appearance of the house in 2016, […]