House restoration and rebuilding

The exhibit tells the story of the restoration of the Old Town House 14. This story is presented in an interactive way, allowing visitors to view the restoration journey from different angles and to change its scale in a three-dimensional format. The visitor has the opportunity to see the appearance of the house in 2016, before the restoration, in 2018 and 2019, during the restoration, and in 2020, after the restoration has been completed. The visual elements of the history on display are accompanied by audio narratives in which a woman’s voice introduces the concept of the exhibition and the history of the house.

Combining the modern with the historical, the three-dimensional history of the house’s restoration is presented using LG’s innovative OLED transparent display, which allows the real rooms of the house to be seen behind the three-dimensional story in the background.

The three-dimensional model of the house used in the exhibition was obtained from Mikrokods Ltd, who captured the restoration of the wooden building in three dimensions by taking aerial photographs of the building with a drone, laser scanning the facades and photogrammetrically processing all the data, including 3D laser scanning of the interior and 360-degree photography.

The 3D models on display were post-processed by Putnu Studija together with 3D artist Vili Bērziņš.

The exhibition includes a little surprise – during one of the stages of the restoration of the house, it is possible to see inside the house. You just have to find the right angle and scale.