The Daugavpils Innovation Centre stands out for its content-rich exhibits. For those visitors who are attracted by exploration and learning new things, a few hours here will certainly not be enough. As one of the most challenging exhibits at the center, we would like to show you an exhibit called Robot. It is the only one of its kind in the whole of the Baltics. 

Some technical information: 

The IRB 1200 is a six-axis robot manufactured by ABB and adapted for small and medium-sized workpieces. The robot features a lightweight and compact housing that allows it to be used even in very confined spaces.

The robot has a working radius of 700 mm and a maximum lifting capacity of 7 kg , ensuring high performance and precision in a wide range of manufacturing and machining processes. The robot also has an integrated collision and accident detection system, which improves efficiency and safety at work.

Programming is relatively simple and intuitive using ABB’s RobotStudio programming environment. The robot can be controlled both remotely and from the workplace using a range of industrial communication options, connecting remotely. 

Visitors to the exhibit will be able to see how the robot responds to commands sent to it to perform various actions, such as moving and maneuvering parts in a small area. The exhibit consists of an interactive simulator where you can play different games and watch how the robot behaves in different scenarios.

The IRB 1200 exhibit provides an opportunity to learn about the world of robotics and automated processes, as well as skills that can be useful for future work with automated processes. It also gives an insight into the development of ABB technology and the history of production.

Daugavpils Innovation Centre invites everyone to visit the robot exhibit to learn about the world of modern manufacturing technologies and acquire new skills!