The Energy Museum in Ķegums proudly presents another of our exhibits, created last year, which is a testament to our commitment to innovative and educational experiences. This exhibit, designed as a miniature city, showcases the most effective methods of electricity generation, including hydroelectric power stations, wind turbines, solar panels, and thermal power plants (TPPs).

Visitors to the exhibit have the unique opportunity to learn about different methods of electricity generation, understand their efficiency, and compare these methods side by side. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a model city where, through interactive participation and making the right decisions, visitors can bring the city to life by lighting up houses and streetlights.

This exhibit not only educates visitors on the various ways electricity can be harvested from our environment but also emphasizes the importance of sustainable energy use. By engaging with this interactive city, visitors of all ages can gain insights into the workings of energy production and its impact on our world, all while exploring the potential for greener, more efficient energy solutions for the future.

This innovative exhibit at the Energy Museum in Ķegums is a must-visit for anyone interested in the science behind electricity generation and the future of energy sustainability.