In the charming town of Cesis, Latvia, the Cesis Space Centre will stimulate the curiosity and ambition of young people. In this centre, we created educational computer games combined with microcontrollers. This innovative centre will inspire future generations to take up the challenge of space exploration with enthusiasm.

Above all, the Cēsis Space Centre wants to make space more exciting and accessible for children and students. Interactive computer games not only entertain but also educate, testing and improving players’ knowledge, strength, reaction time and various psychological qualities – creating a deep interest in space and its exploration. At the Space Centre, visitors will have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of planetary explorers and investigate which micro-organisms are best adapted to life on other planets. Other exhibits will allow visitors to take part in exploration missions, explore the differences between different space rockets and learn how the human body functions in weightlessness. 

Through microcontroller programming, young engineers and programmers can invent and create, letting their imaginations run wild in a special classroom packed with different technologies – 3D printers, microchips and microcontrollers. The Centre is a place for technological creativity to test their craziest theories and exchange views with knowledgeable experts.

Head to the Cēsis Space Centre and learn new skills. Your knowledge might just help you to bring the first Latvian woman to the moon and beyond.