After an extensive restoration process and the building being furnished for a guided tour with engaging exhibitions, the building in the Old Town Quarter, which includes both the Jelgava Old Town House and the Zemgale Restoration Centre, will open its doors on 11 November 2022. The history of each wing of the building comes to life in its own way – the Jelgava Old Town House represents the story of the building itself through the turns of time, allowing anyone interested to take a guided tour through modern solutions and delve into the interior and construction trends, crafts and details of everyday life in Jelgava in the past, while the Zemgale Restoration Centre in the second wing of the building begins a serious process of restoring cultural heritage, providing metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic and textile restoration services in workshops.

The renovation process of the Jelgava Old Town House is based on technologies close to history – existing and recovered building materials are used as much as possible in ceilings, walls and floors, ancient bricks are used for floor renovation, and the cellar and unique attic of the house, which were excavated during the construction works, are on display. The restoration has preserved a glimpse of the varied room finishes in the building, which show the development of historical styles in the interior, the tastes, lifestyles and material means of the inhabitants of the house.

We were responsible for the creation of various interactive exhibits in the project, mainly related to the presentation of the building and its architecture to visitors. We created a 3D model viewing tool on a transparent screen, which allows visitors to experience the different stages of the restoration process. We also created a game that gives an insight into the different flooring patterns found in the rooms of the building.

Design and exhibits we created together with our trusted partners:

So if you haven’t had a chance to visit this beautiful building yet, head to Jelgava, Vecpilsētas iela 14!