The Daugavpils Innovation Centre is a knowledge-based educational center that fosters the advancement of expertise, abilities and professional prospects in STEM and entrepreneurship through the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The centre features interactive displays, activities, and events that enable visitors to grasp complex scientific concepts in an approachable manner, enabling them to comprehend the world more effectively and lead more fulfilling lives.

The Innovation Centre’s aim was to design engaging games that would entice visitors to delve deeper into a subject and challenge their cognitive capacities. We developed various digital exhibitions to enhance pupils’ and students’ understanding of science and prepare them for future scientific competitions, such as Olympiads.


One of the Centre’s most captivating exhibits is “Robot.” By utilizing an ABB conveyor belt robot, we created an experience where visitors can learn about the foundations of programming, the evolution of robotics, and the progression of manufacturing.

In the small hall of the Centre, the “Fighting viruses” exhibit stands out with its unique approach. It is based on the human immune system, where visitors must defend against a virus and bacteria attack by selecting the correct elements of the immune system. This game, developed in conjunction with biology and immunology experts, is based on the classic 2D arcade “Shooter.”

The Innovation Centre offers something for every visitor, with exhibits catering to a range of interests. Physics enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the “Digital Lab” exhibit in the Great Hall, where they can participate in various experiments in a 3D environment. For those interested in business and economics, the Stock Exchange Simulator provides an opportunity to test their knowledge as a virtual stockbroker. And for those who enjoy shopping, a virtual supermarket experience is available, where they can find the best prices.

Discover new realms of knowledge at the Daugavpils Innovation Centre. Address: Vienības iela 30, Daugavpils, LV-5401.