TheLatvian Pavilion in the Opportunities Quarter is a place whereLatvia’s story is told, its companies are showcased and newpartnerships are forged. A unique blend of nature and humanachievement, the Pavilion highlights Latvia’s three core values:connectivity, challenge, and discovery. Latvia’s rich resource – peat- is the thread that connects the story and symbolizes the country’sjourney from past to future achievements.

Theexhibition presents different aspects of Latvia as a growth hub.Visitors are taken on a journey from a young and energetic countrywith great growth potential to a place with a unique offer and thento a hub of connectivity and innovation. The fourth room shows theLatvian research gene and its ability to bring new ideas to life.

TheLatvian pavilion was complemented with a variety of modern digitalsolutions. The fourth room stood out with huge mirrors covering thewhole space. On one side of the room, TAPP created a digital andfully automated photo installation that created a breathtaking photothat could be accessed digitally upon leaving the Latvian pavilion.Combining different technological solutions, the photographyexperience was fun and at the same time interesting.

Inaddition to the event, the global pandemic led to the creation of adigital app that allowed visitors to take a virtual tour of thepavilion, experiencing a virtually identical pavilion experience foranyone, anywhere. The app was created using previously unusedtechnologies to complement the 360 tour with transparent videoscreens and projected walls that showed video footage and gave thefeeling of being on the ground. A digital game was developed in theapp, consisting of many small games, each of which told the story ofLatvian success stories and Latvia. Users competed against each otherand tried to set the highest scores. The results were presentedwithin each country as well as from a global perspective.

Thepavilion was designed by the SOIL team, which consists of threeLatvian companies – DJA, SOLAVI, and AD PRODUCTION – our long-timetrusted allies.